Pet Resort Rates & Policies

Okanogan Valley Pet Resort Pricing:

# of Guests

1 Guest
2 Guests
3 Guests









Extended play yard for Condo 3 is available at $15.00 extra a day.

4th Guests is always free

q      Nature Walks ($5.00 per 15 minute walk)                             Everyday          Every Other Day         Other:


q      Happy Hour  ($3.00 per serving)              Everyday          Every Other Day         Other:

                Frosty Paws Doggie Ice Cream


q      Ball Time/Wrestle Time  ($3.00 per 20 minutes)           Everyday          Every Other Day         Other:


q      Edible Snacks (Please indicate number of items per visit)     Everyday          Every Other Day         Other:

       #      Pig Ears $3.00      Other:


We suggest that all pets be bathed prior to pick-up.  Any pet with fleas or ticks at presentation must be bathed to stop the spread of parasites.  This service will be added to your account. Costs vary on size of guest and hair.


q Bath Shampoo’s and conditioners offered:

q    Comfort Shampoo (Aroma therapy effects of Lavender and Oatmeal to relieve stress and  soothe dry, irritated skin)

q    Renew Shampoo (Ginger root and Pink Grapefruit with Cocoa Cleanser for deep moisture to revitalize brilliance)

q    Fresh Bath Shampoo (Vanilla, Refreshing Purifying Body Cleaner)

q    Fresh Facial Scrub (Balancing Facial Cleanser, Helps Remove Tear Stain)

q    Brunettes Coat Shampoo

q    White Coats Shampoo

q    Golden Blondes Coat Shampoo

q    Black Coats Shampoo

q    Conditioner for All Colors

q    Fresh Cologne’s ( Fresh Vanilla, Renew, Lavender Verbena)

A full day's board is 24 hours and will be assessed on the day and time of your pet's arrival. There will be no charge for the day of departure if the pick up is made by the time you have dropped the pet off.

If the pick-up is made after that time, the charge is $2.00 per hour per pet, or another full board if over eight hours.

***Monthly Rates Available***
***Four Day Minimum On All Major Holidays***

Christmas, New Years, Easter, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.

No pick up or drop off on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, or Thanksgiving.

Pick Up or Drop Offs before 8:30 am or after 7:00 pm will incur a $20.00 fee added to their bill.

Refer a friend get $5.00 off next doggie stay


15 minute walks / exercise are available at $5.00 each,
see resort activities for more details in the panel to the left.

Medications - $2.00 per administration

After hour medication, before 7am and after 8pm.
$5.00 per administration

Geriatric/ Bowel Dysfunctions - $7.00 per day additional

Pick-up - $30.00 + mileage

Delivery - $30.00 + mileage

All shots are required upto date, which include: